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Formerly a PC-exclusive gamer, Kae was introduced to the tabletop world by gateway of the World of Warcraft TCG. Since then, her interests have broadened with her favorite games including Battlestar Galactica, Pathfinder, Lord of the Rings LCG, WarmaHordes, and more. Kae is willing to try just about any game and loves learning new strategy.

Post-Pandemic Struggle Takes Place in Doom and Bloom’s SURVIVAL! Board Game

Doom and Bloom SURVIVAL

After a wide-spread disease takes out a lot of humanity, you are one of the last of humanity. Armed with whatever you can scavenge, you and other survivors must secure items such as food, fuel, and weaponry in order to make a home base and venture out to keep your group afloat. Doom and Bloom, the survival authors, have brought SURVIVAL! to the tabletop world, and have launched their Kickstarter to bring the game to the world.

While exploring the area around you, the possibility of running into raiders is high, so you must be prepared to encounter these types. Search for new hide-outs and hope that luck is on your side to find the supplies that you and your fellow survivors will so desperately need. The rules for the game are available on the game’s website for viewing.

Stretch goals for the game include new events, miniatures of the characters in the game, a copy of their planned expansion game RAIDERS!, and so much more. The funding for SURVIVAL! ends on May 14th, with a goal of $19,000 to bring this game to life. Do you have what it takes to survive against the elements of a post-pandemic world and those that have lost their humanity?


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