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Fantasy Flight Announces The Last Banquet

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The Last Banquet is the social event of the season, with every member of the court, from the lowly messenger and the ghostly White Lady to the stately baroness, clamoring to make an appearance. Though each detail of the dinner has been planned to perfection, several members of the court are conspiring to make this banquet the last – for the King that is…

The Last Banquet is a group party game that was just announced by Fantasy Flight. In the game, each player takes on the role of a member of the Royal Court, from the singing bard to the King himself. Each player will act out their respective roles and use the actions given to them to try and succeed with their team’s agendas. The King is ever-watching, however, and if he sees any signs of disloyalty he will take matters into his own hands.

The game includes six different scenarios to play through depending on the number of players you have. The Last Banquet supports from 6-25 players, so there’s no wonder why Fantasy Flight considers it an epic group game. Work together to assassinate the King before your rival faction does by ending a round with your faction’s assassin seated next to him. Depending on the scenario you may be facing the White Maiden and her crew or even rescuing the princess.

Players will receive character cards at the beginning of the game. These cards detail things such as gender, Demeanor, Social Status, and more. They are designed to get you really deep into the mindset of your character. During the game you’ll need to work with your team to cleverly maneuver other players and yourself into a position to complete the objective set out for you. You can use flattery, distraction, manipulation, and just about anything else you can think of to achieve your goal. You can also use actions which affect other members of the court, often times rearranging them around the table. Most characters have four actions available to them: a basic action, actions numbered one and two, and a favor.

When it’s your turn you can choose and action, read the text aloud, and perform it. As the game progresses, players will switch seats at the table, sometimes occupying the same seat as another member of the court. Each action you take has the potential to bring you closer to your goal, but it’s up to you and your team to strategize and use them correctly. The Last Banquet will be releasing in the third quarter of this year.