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MERCS: Recon on Kickstarter

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MegaCon Games, formerly known as MERCS Miniatures, had a widely successful Kickstarter with Myth. Now they are back on Kickstarter with their second board game MERCS: Recon. MERCS: Recon uses the same backstory and figures as the MERCS miniatures game. Now people get to play MERCS as a board game.

What is MERCS, you may ask? MERCS is a miniature skirmish game set in the year 2121. With the rise in population and commerce, corporations and nations joined forces to form giant mega-conglomerates, known as MegaCons Over the next 30 years, the nations were dissolved and their military forces absorbed by these companies. The military, now formed of MegaCon employees, became the hand of these organizations, involved in everything from internal security to reconnaissance and clandestine affairs. The year is now 2184, and these Military Economic Reconnaissance and Counter Security forces, known as MERCS, now help to decide what MegaCons will succeed and which will fail.

MERCS: Recon is a fully-cooperative and tactical board game set in this universe. In it, players will join together as a group of MERCS, gaining entry into an opposing MegaCon and completing objectives in a responsive game. Moving from room to room, players will have to deal with threats from the opposition forces, or OPFOR, whilst trying to gather intel, interrogate employees and collect their target.

There are many great pledge levels for MERCS. You can get one of the base games at either the Counter Threat or Assassination Protocol pledge levels. At the Agent Level you get both base games along with a special edition figure. However, if you are looking to get both base games and to try out the MERCS miniatures game then you might want to consider the OPFOR Level pledge.

The figures in MERCS: Recon are compatible with the MERCS miniature game. If you pledge at the OPFOR Level you get the MERCS tabletop game decks for all the miniatures in MERCS: Recon. This will allow you the opportunity to play MERCS miniatures game and MERCS: Recon with the same figures. At this same pledge level you also get a copy of the revised and enhanced MERCS miniature game rules. This level also includes a novel, special edition figure, and dice game MERCS: Conflict, where players take on the role of one of the mega-corporations. For those already familiar with MERCS miniatures you will see a new faction called EU, Inc. in MERCS: Recon. They are a European faction and can also be played in the MERCS miniature game as well.

Now MegaCon hasn’t forgotten about their first Kickstarter, Myth. There are many crossovers between MERCS and Myth. There are characters that can both played in MERCS and Myth. And if MERCS isn’t a game that interests you there does exist a pledge level called Myth Level where you can get all the Myth goodies that get unlocked during this Kickstarter.

The stretch goals are quickly being reached and there are many exciting stretch goals yet to be revealed. There are Mission Packs for several factions as either add-ons or as stretch goals. These add to the game play of MERCS: Recon as well as add more figures for the MERCS miniature game. Just today they unlocked Corporate Police Prototype-1, who looks a lot like RoboCop. Its not too late to jump in on this awesome Kickstarter. Check out their campaign and “Welcome to the cause.”