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Indiana Comic Con’s First Run A Success, Responds to Attendee Woes

Indiana Comic Con Logo

This past weekend all manner of geek and nerd flocked to Indianapolis for the first ever Indiana Comic Con. Taking place at our favorite spot in town, the Indianapolis Convention Center, the convention was quite a success. Many different authors, illustrators, actors, and more were in attendance to meet attendees and there was plenty to see.

Being that it was the first run for the convention, it wasn’t without issues. Some attendees found themselves unable to enter the convention, while those who did make it in were up to elbows with others. Unfortunately the Comic Con staff underestimated the turnout they would receive. The space reserved for the convention simply was not big enough to hold the greatness of such an event.

In hopes to alleviate some of the attendance issues , ICC partnered with Ticketmaster to offer advance badges to the convention. Attendees were able to pre-purchase their badges just as many do with Gen Con. Another issue rose, though, as some attendees ran into problems with the Ticketmaster system. What’s more is that Ticketmaster charged fees to everyone who chose to pre-purchase their badge.

All is not without answer, however, as staff from ICC have been responding to these issues via their Facebook page. First the group updated the page after the event thanking all those who attended. In this post they commented on the space they had and apologized for the issues the lack thereof caused. They let attendees know that next year their space will be tripled, which should certainly make things easier.

Next the staff posted an update responding the issues surrounding Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster is the exclusive service the convention center uses for advanced tickets/badges. The staff commented saying that they never wanted to use Ticketmaster in the first place and they agree their fees are too high. Going forward the staff says they will do everything they can to avoid using the service in the future.

All in all the convention was a success. Attendees rated the con highly, commenting that there was plenty to see and do. The good thing about the issues that did arise is that it shows there is clearly a demand for this sort of event here in Indiana.  Costumes were abound, comics were read, and memories were made at the first ever Indiana Comic Con. Here’s to next year’s event, happening on March 13-15!

Did you attend Indiana Comic Con? If so, what did you think? If you cosplayed, share your photos with us!


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One Comment on “Indiana Comic Con’s First Run A Success, Responds to Attendee Woes”

  1. Shawn March 19, 2014 at 11:03 AM #

    Indy PopCon will be learning from the mishaps and making their show even better this year

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