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Foldable Game Table Plans on Kickstarter

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Someone named Jeffrey Jones from Midland, TX has come up with a new plan to distribute the chance for gamers to build their own gaming table. This table folds into a vertical board that can be pushed against a wall as storage, but is also magnetized. This way, it could be used to attach maps and other reference items that you don’t want taking up table space! His Foldable Gaming Table for RPG and Miniatures is live on Kickstarter now.

Various levels of pledges will give you different plans, but the table can be built into a 4’x4 table, 4’x6′, or even a 4’x8′ table! Pictures on how to assemble will come as well, even measurement on the various wood you will need, and in some cases they will send you the hardware required to put it together. The stretch goals include things such as a book table attachment, pen/dice attachment, storage boxes fo the sides/bottom of the table, and more!

Jones is hoping to pull together $650 for this project, and is almost at his goal. The more people that become interested, the more likely that these helpful stretch goals will get tacked into the rewards, so go check it out and see if it is something that would enrich your gaming experience. Project ends on April 23rd, and I see it being very successful.