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Raine's been gaming for as long as he can remember. It all started back with his video gaming roots, and as he got older he transitioned into tabletop. A lover of all games, some of his favorites include Pathfinder, Battlestar Galactica, Magic: the Gathering, D&D Attack Wing, Regnum Angelica, and Warmachine/Hordes. Raine's been writing for many years, and loves being a part of the gaming industry.

New Crimson Slaughter Chaos Marines Codex Available for Pre-Order

Crimson Slaughter Warhammer 40k Codex Supplement

Though it’s an almost unheard-of situation, there are times when a Space Marine Chapter has decided, for whatever reason, to turn rogue. These Chapters are then excommunicated from all other Space Marines still in the Imperial registry and declared Excommunicate Traitoris. This ends up in being sentenced to death by any Imperial forces that meet them out in the long reaches of space. When Chapter Master Sevastus Kranon and his Crimson Sabres decided to turn renegade, they were all met with this judgment.

There is already some fluff about the Crimson Slaughter available, and they’re included in the Dark Vengeance two-player starter box for Warhammer 40k. They’ve had a long-standing feud with the Dark Angels Chapter, and battles between the two have been raging on for quite some time. For those interested in learning more about the Crimson Slaughter Chapter, you’re in luck. Games Workshop has just announced a new Codex Supplement specifically for these chaotic instruments of war.

There is a Limited Edition and Standard Edition of the Codex Supplement available for pre-order. The new Codex Supplement shows off a full-color miniatures gallery, new artwork, new relics and Warlord traits, nine new missions, and new rules for fielding a Crimson Slaughter army. As with every Codex Supplement, the Crimson Slaughter supplement includes a wealthy amount of background information on the Chapter that makes for a great read. Make sure you pre-order your Crimson Slaughter Codex Supplement soon before the Dark Gods become restless.

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