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Malifaux 2E Avatar Upgrade Beta Test Is Live


The world of Malifaux is ever changing, and players have thoroughly enjoyed the 2E rules so far. Recently, Wyrd Miniatures announced that they were going to be upgrading the Avatar affects of the current masters in the game. Wyrd released the link for the Avatar Beta Playtest on Facebook yesterday evening and included some extra information on the beta.

There are forums dedicated to this beta specifically where they are looking for feedback on the functionality of the new Avatars, spelling, and more. The finalized set will be based off of player feedback, so if Malifaux is your game, be sure to check out the playtest. On every Tuesday between 4-6pm, Wyrd will update the file with the most recent amended files until they are just right.

For a brush-up on Avatar rules, check out pages 56-57 of the Malifaux 2E rulebook before downloading the playtest. The current playtest will end in March, with more upgrades coming for each faction, though these upgrades aren’t likely to be seen until next week. If you’ve already downloaded the playtest, what are your thoughts?

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