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Gen Con 2014 Housing Opens Tomorrow, Here Are Some Tips

Gen Con Art 2014

Badge pre-registration for Gen Con 2014 has begun, as it started yesterday. Many of us have already gotten our badges in place, and media outlets have sent over their press applications. In doing so, you’re granted with a housing code that is used to reserve a hotel room through the Gen Con housing block. Housing opens tomorrow at noon (Eastern Time), and it will no doubt be a crazy scene. Rooms disappear fast, and if you’re not ready you could miss your chance.

In order to help make things a little bit more smooth for attendees, we compiled a short list of tips that will help you ease your hotel woes. We touched on this a bit earlier when details for badge pre-registration and housing were announced on the Gen Con site, but being this close to hotel time we wanted to reiterate the finer points to help attendees out!

Do Your Research

Gen Con’s website has a nice list of hotel amenities, which is a very useful resource. It lists the amenities of all the hotels surrounding the convention center, such as those that have free wi-fi, pools, and more. It even lists room pricing so you’ll know what you’re getting into. Choose a few hotels from the list, one as your first choice and a couple of backups. This will make housing much easier for you.

Have your Gen Con Housing Code

Firs thing’s first, you need your Gen Con housing code in order to reserve a room in the housing block. When you successfully pre-registered and purchased your badge(s), you were given a code. You can find this code by logging into your profile on the Gen Con website. Attendees are allowed 1 room per badge, meaning you get one room per housing code you have. If you need more than one room, you’ll need to purchase as many badges as the number of rooms needed.

It’s All First-Come, First-Served

Rooms are sold on the first-come, first-served basis which can be a little cutthroat. Housing opens tomorrow promptly at noon, and when you need to reserve a room you can do so either online or over the phone. The agents online have access to the same rooms as those on the phones, so it won’t do you any good to try and book through both places. I prefer to call because it’s easier to talk about my options, but due to the high number of people calling you may want to dial the housing line immediately as soon as the clock strikes noon. The phone number to call is 317-912-1420.

You will have exactly 10 minutes to complete your billing information from the time you select a room before your session times out and the room is released back into the available list. Make sure you have your credit or debit card ready for the reservation. They will not charge your card until you check in to the hotel, so don’t worry about any unnecessary charges right now.

The Daunting Wait List

It’s advised that if the room you want isn’t available, grab the one that best suits your needs from what is available and then get on the wait list as soon as you can. A lot of attendees double book rooms to make sure they have them, and then a lot of them drop off right before the convention. This opens up more rooms for those on the wait list, and Gen Con is really great about trying to get you a room that’s most comparable to your needs.

When you apply to be put on the wait list, you’ll want to do so via email – it’s a quicker option and your requests are time stamped. When you send over an email, make sure to include this information:

  • Your housing code
  • Your first and last name
  • A phone number and email address where you can be reached
  • Your preferred hotel, room type, and check in & check out dates

If you have already booked a room like mentioned above – one that meets your needs from what’s available – make sure to also include the confirmation number you received. This will ensure you get placed on the wait list, and if a room comes available for you, you’ll get a call and get things squared away.

Housing is always a stressful time for Gen Con attendees, but if you come prepared you should find yourself doing just fine. If you need any of the finer details, check out the housing information on the Gen Con website. Follow these tips and tomorrow you’ll find yourself with a sweet hotel room that will serve you well during the Best Four Days in Gaming!


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