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International Tabletop Day Declared For April 5th

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That time of year is upon us again. Last year, International Tabletop Day was declared as a way to get gamers across the world to unite on one day to get together and, you guessed it, game! While not many details have been released for this year as of now, we do know that it will be taking place on Saturday, April 5th.

For those that don’t know, International Tabletop Day was started as a way to bring the community together and encourage gamers to socialize, as well as bring new people into the hobby. Many game stores across the world will sign up as official participants to host events on this day. Last year, downloads such as banners and stickers were made available, though the International Tabletop Day website is still under construction for 2014 as of this moment.

If you’re wanting a peek at what happens on an event such as this, feel free to check out last year’s coverage of International Tabletop Day. I am anticipating an even better event for this year, and would highly encourage you to be watching for more updates as they come. Whether you can make it to a participating local game store, or just have a small gathering at home, join together and celebrate the hobby that brings us all together – tabletop gaming!