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Changes Coming to Games Workshop – Closing Global HQs and More

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Many Warhammer players not only get into their game, but they follow a lot of what the company who makes it – Games Workshop – does behind the scenes. Many players keep up their knowledge on pricing, inventory changes, and even stocks dealing with the company. Speaking of stocks, Games Workshop stock dropped significantly just recently. Due to this, the company has decided that some changes are in order. gives us a closer look at the upcoming changes for Games Workshop and helps us define what it means for the hobby at large. During one day, Games Workshop lost 24% of its market value. This followed their half-year-report which showed that the company had lost 12% in sales and 30% in profits. What’s been claimed as rumors on the site are starting to be found as truth, which is coming as quite the surprise to many gamers in the Warhammer community.

It looks like Games Workshop is closing down all international HQs. This is preceded by the announcement that Game Days would come to an end, and many expected this to happen since the announcement. From what’s known, the HQs in France, Italy, and Spain will definitely be getting the axe. Germany’s HQ will most likely be cut as well, with the exception of a small crew running the place. Games Workshop has already severed ties with the employees at the affected HQs. Some have been given the offer to relocate to Nottingham, according to the site.

In other news, Finecast is apparently dead. A lot of players, and I mean A LOT, have complained about the Finecast models shipping with issues. Players have found bubbles, warped parts, and much more. Now multiple sources across the net are claiming that Finecast will be phased out completely, with Forge World taking control of all remaining Finecast models. The models will eventually be moved over to plastic.

Speaking of Forge World, news has come that the company will merge with Games Workshop on both an operational and sales level. Forge World’s website will be integrated into the Games Workshop site and Forge World products will be sold in Games Workshop stores. Also, Forge World will be taking over the distribution of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Strategy Battle Game. What’s going to happen in its future is uncertain at this point.

What’s even harder to swallow is that apparently Warhammer Fantasy Battle armies are being phased out and discontinued completely. Rumor is that the first armies to leave are the Beastmen, Khemri, Wood Elves, and Bretonnia.  The company won’t be updating the rules – something that many believe would save the product line – rather they’ll be killing the line instead.

More changes are rumored to be coming to the company and its products, so head on over to to get the full scoop. I only hope that Games Workshop will pull out of this with their heads in-tact, and that Forge World will know where to pick up the slack. As a fan of The Hobbit Strategy Battle Game myself, I’d really like to not see that line die off anytime soon.