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Plaid Hat Games Presents More Previews For Dead of Winter

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In the next preview for Dead of Winter, PHG lets us take a look at cards from the search pile. The search piles are where you will get items to help you survive against the zombies and the elements you are facing. However, you can make noise while you search for items. Making noise will allow you to draw more items, though you will still only get to keep one of them, and you have a 50% chance each time you make noise to add more zombies to the location you’re at.

So, there is a nice collection of the cards you might find in those search piles. In addition to the previews of these cards, another preview was released with images of a mock-up of the game in progress. You can see the character sheets, character tokens on the board, zombies, search piles, dice, and much more. The game is looking more and more intriguing as more previews are released for the game!

The pre-order numbers are close to 500 now, and the voting for the next Dead of Winter scenario continues. To give those who are undecided a bit more background, PHG posted descriptions of the next themes that are being voted on. ‘Lost in Space’ is still leading the charge with votes, but check the descriptions out for yourself, get your pre-order in, and prepare yourself for Dead of Winter!