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Proteus Engine Now Live on Kickstarter

Recently, Shotgun Angel Games put out a call for volunteers to playtest the Proteus Engine, an RPG rule set allowing players to formulate any story or world that they wish. Their system is now available for funding on Kickstarter. For $35, pledgers can get a copy of their corebook in both the physical and PDF format, a set of ten custom Shotgun Angel dice and their name listed in the Thank You section of the corebook.


What exactly is the Proteus Engine? Here is an excerpt from their Kickstarter page explaining more about what the system truly is:

The Proteus Engine Roleplaying Game System is a flexible and extensive set of rules for playing pen and paper roleplaying games with total cross-compatibility across all of our products. Characters in the system have a basic set of attributes and skills, as well as a number of positive and negative traits (boons and defects), as well as a unique and versatile take on species traits. These flexible species rules will allow for players to build their own unique species and monsters, or modify existing ones easily. The core rules are intended to be useable for any game that your group wants to play: from high fantasy, to epics, to space western, the core rules will give you a framework for running the game. This is a system that forms to the story instead of the story forming to the rules, letting you tell the stories you’ve always wanted to.”


Who are the brainpowers behind Shotgun Angel Games? The team consists of Damon Null, a graduate from Ball State University who has been an avid Star Wars fan and RPG player since 1999, James Wylder, author of the play Cryptos and the upcoming book An Eloquence of Time and Space, Justin Swinehart, who attended Indiana University to study both physics and history, and David Bloczynski, a Purdue University Graduate with a double major in philosophy and religious studies.

To learn more about the Proteus Engine, see a sample of the rules contained in the corebook and help fund this project, you can visit them on their Kickstarter page.


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