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Raine's been gaming for as long as he can remember. It all started back with his video gaming roots, and as he got older he transitioned into tabletop. A lover of all games, some of his favorites include Pathfinder, Battlestar Galactica, Magic: the Gathering, D&D Attack Wing, Regnum Angelica, and Warmachine/Hordes. Raine's been writing for many years, and loves being a part of the gaming industry.

Video Review – Feldherr Mini Plus and Maxi Plus Figure Cases

Feldherr Maxi Plus

I’m a big fan of wargames. As many of you know, I play a lot of Warmachine. One thing that makes the game somewhat difficult is transporting your models to and from organized play events. There are, however, some companies out there who work to make transporting miniatures easier and safer. One of those such companies is Feldherr, based out of Germany. This company makes miniature transport cases along with foam that will help store, transport, and keep safe your valuable miniatures, no matter your game. We were lucky enough to get a hold of the Mini Plus and Maxi Plus cases from Feldherr, and I put them to the test. Check out our video review below!

Thanks to Feldherr for sending these cases and foam for review!

Get your own Feldherr cases:

Maxi Plus: Buy This Accessory IT Button

Mini Plus: Buy This Accessory IT Button

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