Next Smash Up Expansion Officially Announced – Science Fiction Double Feature


Over the last few months, AEG has been posting teaser photos on their social media sites hinting at the new factions for the 3rd Smash Up expansion. Now, they have officially announced the next set, Science Fiction Double Feature! With four new factions joining the fight and 8 new bases with new affects to battle over, this new expansion will surely keep the game fresh.

First, we have the Time Travelers, following in the footsteps of Doctor When, and influencing the flow of time itself. The Shapeshifters take on the form of whomever they wish as their weapon to conquer the world above. The Super Spies use the wildest of technology to secure their victory before your plan even begins to take form. And finally, the Cyborg Apes use both their physical strength and their unnatural powers to wipe out your armies with ease.

A total of 80 minion and action cards will come in this new expansion, as well as the 8 new bases, a rulebook, and more VP tokens. With the variety in this set, I think that AEG will win some hearts of those not yet convinced of Smash Up’s potential, and mend any disappointment from the previous set.  Science Fiction Double Feature is set to release in April of 2014, so assemble your plans to pick up this expansion now!

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