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Video Review – Tabletop World Townhouse

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When it comes to wargaming, players want to immerse themselves in their game as much as possible. Players spend hours standing at a table, controlling armies that do battle across amazing landscapes. What helps bring those landscapes to life are the pieces of terrain included on the game board. While some players (myself included) choose to make their own terrain, companies like Tabletop World have set out to create amazing, realistic terrain pieces for the avid gamer to help bring their games to life. I recently got a hold of the Townhouse from Tabletop World, and I was amazed at the attention to detail and craftsmanship put into the piece. Check out the video below to see the piece in more detail, and to get my verdict!

[UPDATE: Since this review was filmed, I was informed by Tabletop World that this piece is indeed their Townhouse and not their Cottage.]