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Shining Some Light on Artisan Dice

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Back before I:T was born, I followed a Kickstarter project that I’ve adored since the first time I saw it. If you’ve read us for a while you know that I’m a sucker for dice, and I even collect unique ones. I’d like to put a spotlight on a company that I feel creates excellent products that will make the gamer inside of you awestruck. Artisan Dice is based out of Texas, started by Charlie Brumfield.  His experimentation with exotic wood led to a full-blown Kickstarter project which funded quickly and to the production company we see today.

I look forward every week to seeing the photos they post to Facebook of the various dice sets they work on, using fine woods and metals. Woods including African Pearwood, Mahogany, Palm, Blue Mahoe, and so many others. Dice sets can also be sold in special boxes for traveling with these special dice, as well as the option to just purchase some random d20 pieces. When you select a wood for your dice set, the website tells you about the wood type and its uses elsewhere, in addition to any differences you may see in your order. These dice, like trees, can have varying appearances when the product is finished!

Artisan Dice sets start in the low $40 range and increase depending on the type of set you desire. Sets of d6 dice, Fudge dice, d10 sets, and polyhedral sets are all available. If you are looking for a high quality die that is guaranteed to please and last, you should at the very least check out the selection that Artisan Dice offers. Want to see their process? Like them on Facebook for production photos and finished sets!