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Playtests are open for Shotgun Angel Games

You are walking down a crumbled staircase, in what appears to be an abandoned subway station. The only light that you have is from your cell phone and what is generated by the few still-working bulbs. The air smells old, liken to a crypt that has just been open, and faintly you feel a breeze coming in from where you entered.

Continuing down the stairwell, you hear a disturbance in the silence. Soft at first, but with every step it gets louder and louder, though unintelligible. As you lean in and focus more to recognize the sounds, you trip on one of the broken stair steps. Catching your balance, you hear the noise stop.

With bated breath, you watch as a shadow begins to materialize in the flickering light ahead of you. Slowly, the shadow takes form and a cloaked figure steps into the opening of the stair case. The hood tilts to the left and the right before finally settling on you. In a voice, gravely and sounding of dementia, you hear the hooded figure speak. “Welcome, child. Are you here to bask in the glory of the Sleeper?”


Just recently, Shotgun Angel Games released the playtest module for their new Proteus Engine. The Proteus Engine is a role playing system that allows players to create any type of world and characters that their minds can imagine. Using a D6 system, players will roll dice equal to their Attribute score and add in any modifiers granted to them by their skills.

I got the chance to try out this new system. It is well thought out, and allows for both players and the Director (game master) to create and do literally anything that their mind can imagine. Without going in to too much detail, and potentially spoiling what is in the playtest document on Shotgun Angels Games’ site, a player was able to wield a literal army of the dead to do their bidding.

Check out Shotgun Angel Games and their Proteus Engine at either their website or on Facebook.

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