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Firefly Breakin’ Atmo Expansion Details Released from Gale Force 9

Firefly Breakin Atmo

Steady there, partner. Gale Force 9 just released some details on their Breakin’ Atmo expansion for the Firefly board game.  Breakin’ Atmo is set to release in December, and it will bring all sorts of new tools and tricks to help you explore the ‘Verse. Players can pre-order the expansion now, and to help ease those who are on the fence about it, we’ve got a nice little preview for the game.

Breakin’ Atmo includes new Jobs, shiny new Gear, and more hands to help your Crew. Some of these new Jobs offer skill-based payouts, letting captains make a more strategic plan for making the big bucks. New Crew members let players have more choices with those pesky Tech and Negotiation skills as well as those important Keywords. Finally, the Gear adds some new abilities and opens up the potential for some sharp combos.

There will be fifty new cards included with the expansion, and Gale Force 9 showed off a few to get our space-faring minds geared up for the expansion’s release. Let’s take a look at what’s coming, shall we?

From the wonderful gunpowder-strewn streets of Silverhold, we get to see a couple of new toys we can add to our Gear lists. First up is every man’s friend, “The Best in the House” Whisky:

Firefly The Best in the House Whisky

Wash away yours and your crew’s troubles with this potent whiskey. It tastes like watered-down lead, but it’ll sure make things easier for everyone on the ship. Help your crew out with a round on the house, and they’ll no longer be Disgruntled.

Then we have the Vehicle Mounted BFG:

Firefly Vehicle Mounted BFG

Have you ever caught yourself thinking, “Man, this jeep is real nice and all, but I do believe it could use a giant squawking gun?” We have too! Silverhold Munitions has you covered, and this baby will get the job done right. No one can ever have too many guns, really, and this piece will go great with your little giddy up. And yes, it comes in black.

Moving over to Persephone, we’ve got some Gear for a more civilized gentleman. Speaking of, take a look at the Gentleman’s Dueling Sword:

Firefly Gentlemans Dueling Sword

Nothing says sophistication like a nice stab in the gullet with a shiny sword, does it? This fancy dueling sword will tell all those ruffians that you’re an important man who doesn’t have time to get involved with their folly. This weapon will no-doubt be a perfect choice for any discerning captain, and will help you pass those pesky tests down the road.

Our last stop here sees a brand new piece of Gear – the Cortex Uplink:

Firefly Cortex Upgrade

Make sure you stay in touch with all of your contacts with this new Cortex Uplink. Perfect for the traveling captain, this will certainly come in handy. Get all the latest Jobs, news, and even classifieds! With this gadget on your belt, you’ll be able to use a Deal Action to Consider the top or face down card from any Contact, no matter where you are in the ‘Verse!

Firefly Washs Lucky Dinosaurs

Last, but not least, Gale Force 9 is running a promotion where players can pick up a special Wash’s Lucky Dinosaurs card. In order to nab one of these for yourself, you simply need to post a picture showing off what you’re using as a custom dinosaur token for the board game. Be creative, and the company will send you a card absolutely free of charge. The photo needs to be posted on the Firefly game’s Facebook page in the appropriate comment chain. You can also post the photo to Twitter using the hashtag #fireflydinosaur and tagging @GaleForceNine. Then fill out the form here and expect your card soon! Now get out there, Crew. There’s work to do!


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