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Z-Man Games Announces Pandemic : The Cure

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Z-Man Games and Matt Leacock have come together to bring us another Pandemic themed game in which players must discover a cure for diseases that have wrought havoc on the world. This new game, Pandemic : The Cure, will take a mere 30 minutes to play, with a minute or less set-up time, which is hard to beat! Four diseases have broken out, and you and your friends must work together once again to control the chaos.

Instead of using an action card, players roll their dice each turn to determine the actions that are made available to them. Combined with their unique role abilities, players work as a team to control and cure diseases before it is to late. Dice can even be re-rolled if the first roll is not desired, but the more the dice are rolled, the closer the players creep to an epidemic. Once all players have gone, infection dice are rolled to determine disease placement. If 4 or more cubes are ever in any one location, an outbreak occurs. As with the board game, if the infection rate gets too high, too many outbreaks occur, or too many people become infected, the players will lose. Discovering a cure for all 4 diseases means victory!

There is no MSRP yet for this game, but it will make a debut at BGG Con, and should see a release in the second half of 2014. I’m a fan of short set-up times and a sucker for dice, so I’m pretty anxious to see Pandemic : The Cure make its way to local stores and on to the table. If you’re a fan of Pandemic, it will be nice to see a new format for the bravest among us, and even if you’re not, perhaps the new format will pique your interests!