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New Forge World Kit Available, New Free Shipping Offer

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A new kit for Warhammer 40k is available from Forge World – the Legion Vindicator. This giant tank is based on the Heresy-era Deimos-pattern chassis, and it packs a giant punch. It comes fully-equipped with a demolisher cannon, which is the perfect tool for busting up fortifications and enemy troops. Along with this special tank there are a handful of other Legion Bundles available from Forge World, and they’re worth checking out.

Adding to the new kit, Forge World has announced a brand new free shipping offer. The details can be found on their site, but here’s the gist of how the offer will work:

  • All orders placed between November 11th and December 20th will receive a free Standard Shipping voucher within the order to be used with a future order
  • Free Standard Shipping vouchers must be redeemed before January 31st, and there is no limit to the number of vouchers you can earn.
  • You must call Forge World to redeem your vouchers

You can find the telephone number for Forge World on their website. There is also a small FAQ posted there to help answer some questions about the new offer. The more you order, the less you’ll have to spend on shipping!

The new tank looks awesome, and with the new free shipping offer you can start throwing all your money at Forge World in time for Christmas. It’s also great for those who don’t necessarily play the game but are looking for gifts for those that do. Make sure you get in while you can, and rack up those vouchers!