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Formerly a PC-exclusive gamer, Kae was introduced to the tabletop world by gateway of the World of Warcraft TCG. Since then, her interests have broadened with her favorite games including Battlestar Galactica, Pathfinder, Lord of the Rings LCG, WarmaHordes, and more. Kae is willing to try just about any game and loves learning new strategy.

Quick News Oct 26th – Nov 1


Aww yeah, its Friday! We hope that you are all caught up on the news and reviews we posted this week, and now its time for a quick overview and some other pieces of news that weren’t addressed already.

Release Announcements

  • Infinity posted photos on Facebook of their continued line of miniatures featured for release at the end of October. Check them out!
  • The next expansion for Descent : Journeys in the Dark Second Edition, Shadow of Nerekhall, was announced from Fantasy Flight Games.

Kickstarters/Crowdfunders We Like

What We Are Playing

  • Jacob and Christina  finished painting their Warmachine armies in anticipation of Day of Reckoning, an event we are helping to host later this month at The Common Room. Monsters & Maidens got a lot of table time, and you can check out Jacob’s preview of the game as it continues to fund on Kickstarter.
  • We hosted a small Halloween party at the office last night and, of course, played games! Games like Zombie Dice, The Witches, and Betrayal at House on Haunted Hill were played. Tales of the Arabian Nights was started, but due to time, had to cut that game short.
  • After weeks of work on Raine’s snow board, he has begun sketches for a second board that will be the home of victory and death in future miniature battles!

Other Tasty Bites

  • Q-Workshop released a photo of the Numenera dice sets that they’ve made for the game. These are not the same dice featured in the Kickstarter, but will be available to anyone that wants them!
  • Enter the Pumpkin Carving Contest from D&D before November 3rd for a chance to win Turbine Points!
  • Steve Jackson of SJ Games was flooded out at his Texas home yesterday. He posted a small update on the Ogre Kickstarter page, and while he is humbled by fans’ ideas to create a recovery fund while he looks for a new home, he asks to save that money and give it to another person in need elsewhere.

Also, we posted an update on Facebook, but for those that missed it, we will be postponing future episodes of our podcast, Ain’t That Some Crit?, until the start of 2014. We want to dedicate that time to cracking down on reviews and other various end of the year projects with I:T. We appreciate our readers and our listeners, and while we have some topics in mind for future podcasts, we’d love to hear from you if there are any particular topics you’d like discussed. We hope you had a great Halloween, and as always, happy gaming!


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