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Dice Hate Me Games Presents Brew Crafters

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Clearly, the only thing better about drinking a cold beer is playing a game about making beer! Dice Hate Me Games presents a board game with “Euro Style. American Finish.” in which players upgrade a brewery and learn beer recipes to climb to the top of competing breweries, Brew Crafters. Dice Hate Me Games brings experience from previous games to this Kickstarter project. Brew Crafters has already reached its funding goal, and the stretch goals are on the horizon.

Gamers craft beers of all types from ales to porters to stouts. As the game reaches various stretch goals, more beer recipes will be added to the game and broaden gameplay. The game comes with a detailed chart indicating what ingredients players need to collect in order to produce the various beer types, including ones that will earn them high reputations. The player with the highest reputation for best beer brewed at the end of three years worth of rounds wins the game! If you’re wanting to see the process behind Brew Crafters, or play early versions, they’ve made a print-and-play version available for download, keeping in mind it doesn’t contain finalized artwork and things are still being adjusted.

A pledge of $60 gets you a copy of Brew Crafters within the United States, and $75 sends out a copy anywhere else in the world. Ages 12 and up can enjoy Brew Crafters, and it can support 2-5 players at game night. Funding ends on November 24th, leaving plenty of time for you to get a pledge in on this game and get to brewing the best beer in your region!