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Spartan Games December Releases

Spartan Games Logo

Spartan Games has a lot on their table for December, and it’s going to be a glorious month for fans of tabletop wargaming, especially when it comes to Firestorm Armada and Dystopian Legends. A lot of great new stuff is coming for both games, and we were lucky enough to get the skinny on just what players can look forward to before the holidays this year. In particular, I’m excited for some Firestorm Armada action, and all the new shiny models Spartan plans to release. Let’s take a look!

This makes me so happy.

This makes me so happy.

The first big release will be Storm Zone: The Battle for Valhalla, a two-player starter box for Firestorm Armada. This package comes with everything two players will need to get lost in the world of Firestorm Armada and start shooting down enemy ships in no time. Now I’m akin to seeing two-player starters for other games (Warhammer’s Dark Vengeance and the Two-Player Battle Boxes for Warmachine and Hordes), and this one really takes the cake. It will retail at $135, but it’s got a lot packed inside the box. Here’s what you’ll get with Storm Zone:

A full fleet for the Terran Alliance:

  • 1 Tyrant Class Battleship
  • 3 Teuton Class Cruisers
  • 4 Armsmen Class Frigates
  • 4 Large SRS tokens
  • 4 Small SRS rokens
  • 1 Large Research Station

A full fleet for the Dindrenzi Federation:

  • 1 Praetorian Class Battleship
  • 3 Secutor Class Cruisers
  • 3 Thraex Class Frigates
  • 2 Large SRS tokens
  • 2 Small SRS tokens

1 Hardback Firestorm Armada Rulebook (the updated one)
1 Missions Booklet
1 set of 24 dice
2 token sheets
2 asteroids sheets
1 templates sheet
2 packs of Tactical Ability cards

This box set has me all sorts of excited. There’s everything inside two players will need to start the game, and it contains the most current rules. On top of this, they add some sweet scenery tokens to help make your game even more involved. As a Dindrenzi player, I see this as a brand new opportunity to get friends into the game, all while adding some brand new ships to my fleet!

Spartan Games also plans to release patrol fleets for each of the factions in Firestorm Armada. In each of these patrol fleets you’ll find a battleship, cruisers, frigates, upgrade components, SRS tokens, a pack of Tactical Ability cards, and acrylic bases. Think of these as your standard introductory boxes for each faction. They will each retail for $66, regardless of faction.

Dystopian Legions December Release

On the Dystopian Legends side of things, there are a couple of releases that should catch the player’s eye. We have the Kingdom of Britannia Knightly Order Section and the Empire of the Blazing Sun Rocket Corps Section. Both of these releases will retail for $40. The sets will no doubt fulfill all of your dystopian needs, especially when you consider the Brittania set is basically dudes with monocles on steam-powered mech suits!

All of these releases look great and they’ll add plenty to both of these fun games. You can always find out more on the Spartan Games website, including some close shots of the new releases. The Firestorm Armada 2.0 book will be releasing around this time as well, so you can grab it to stay up-to-date with all of the current rules. If you’re in the market for some wargaming goodness this holiday season, you need not look any further!


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