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Tide of Iron Next Wave & Stalingrad Kickstarter Relaunch

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1A Games’ Tide of Iron Next Wave edition and Stalingrad expansion are back on Kickstarter. We covered their last Kickstarter campaign which they had to cancel because the Kickstarter campaign needed a redo. 1A Games listened to their fans and even took to the forums on Board Game Geek to see what people wanted to see in their next Kickstarter campaign. Anyone who saw their last campaign page will be pleased with all the changes on the current campaign.

The first thing I noticed on the new campaign was the price drop. I am considering pledging to the Division level myself and its cost is $125. The last campaign had a similar pledge level but it was $190. That is a big savings! 1A Games also offers add-ons that can be done to any pledge level. They have also added a nifty chart that shows what each pledge level gains in rewards and a chart that shows the difference between the Next Wave edition game versus the original core game. And what is a Kickstarter campaign without stretch goals? They have two stretch goals listed so far with plans to add more as the campaign moves along.

The Next Wave edition is still the same great game that was originally created by Fantasy Flight with some great modifications.

1A’s “Next Wave” version of Tide of Iron (TOI) does not change the original game system created by Fantasy Flight Games in 2006. The original FFG big box TOI core set is now out of print. We are asking your support to help us produce a medium size box version of TOI that still has all of the map boards, cards, plastic pieces, etc., needed to play all four TOI expansions – including 1A’s new Stalingrad.
1A’s Next Wave TOI will introduce new quick-start scenarios and use the same original core rules, but presented in a way that is designed to get you playing the game faster. The original FFG TOI and “Next Wave” 1A Games versions will be totally compatible.

Once you have your hands on either the original core set or the Next Wave edition you are set to play the newest expansion, Stalingrad.

1A Games’s Stalingrad expansion introduces TOI fans to the unprecedented, vicious street fighting that came to symbolize the brutality of what the Soviet Union called its Great Patriotic War.
The Stalingrad expansion includes a full complement of Soviet infantry, the German StuG III E and Panzer III (German infantry are needed from the TOI core game), the Soviet T-34/76 medium tank, and introduces the Soviet T-70 light tank (the larger tank image middle right below not to scale) to the TOI series – 90 plastic figures, bases, and vehicles!

The Kickstarter campaign is well under way and if you pledge at the Company level ($25 or more) you receive two 1.5 inch German sIG 33B armored self-propelled howitzer! If you would like to learn more about the campaign then check out their Kickstarter campaign.