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Sally 4th Releases Star Wars: X-Wing Warchest Storage Cases

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Have you been having issues storing your X-Wing minis? Are you tired of having to take the ships off of the bases each time you put them away? Many X-Wing players share this frustration – especially those who want to display their models to show them off. Luckily, Sally 4th, a laser cut wargame terrain company based out of the UK, has got just the answer for collectors and players alike.

The company has just released their new X-Wing Warchest storage cases, and they’re a sight for sore eyes. Many players (myself included) use Plano boxes to carry their X-Wing collections in, forcing the ships to be locked away until the next game. The new storage cases from Sally 4th are ideal for gamers who want to store and display their models where they can be seen and admired.

The case offers a great degree of security when transporting your models, as each one has cut-outs for your model bases to sit in, fitting them snugly in place. There are two different versions of the Warchest case available – one for standard based ships and one that can seat a large based ship like the Millennium Falcon or the Lambda-Class Shuttle. The cases assemble with wood glue and include a clear Perspex front panel so you can show your models off in style.

Both of these cases are available now from the Sally 4th site. They’re going for £24 each, which is roughly $39. They’re pre-painted, though it would be easy to add your own designs to make them stick out even more. The small base case can hold up to 8 models, where the large base case can hold 1 large base ship and 4 small base ships. If you’re looking for a great way to display and store your X-Wing models, give the Warchest a try!