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Grab A Pint And Sit Down For Hobbit Tales

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You say hello to your neighbor as you put your fuzzy hobbit feet up on the bar and order yourself a pint. Your comrades cheer you on to tell a story of adventure, monsters, and hazards. Others question your tales, while others drink to your bravery! In the last quarter of 2013, Cubicle 7 is set to release Hobbit Tales, a card game in which you do just that!

Two to five players sit down with a hand of cards with which you must improvise to tell the best tale. But your fellow players can stump you by twisting your story with their own cards, or cheer you on as narrator of Middle Earth adventures. Hobbit Tales is designed by Marco Maggi and Francesco Nepitello, the same people that brought us The War of the Ring strategy game, as well as The One Ring RPG. Hobbit Tales is a standalone game that can be played at any occasion, but it also includes rules to integrate it into The One Ring RPG sessions!

Cubicle 7’s Hobbit Tales will come with rules, a board, 75 adventure cards, 40 hazard cards, 5 coasters, cardboard tokens and a 12 sided feat die. The versatile options for this game as a standalone or a supplement to fans of the Tolkien-based role playing game make Hobbit Tales very appealing . Hobbit Tales will retail for $29.99 and will see shelves before the end of the year!