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Spartan Games Releases More Information for Firestorm Planetfall

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Though I’m not the best player, I enjoy playing games of Firestorm Armada. This sci-fi ship combat game is perfect for those times when I want to take a fleet to space and battle it out. The game’s story is gripping, and each of the factions is interesting in its own right. Not to mention the ship models look awesome.

Spartan Games wants to help expand on the Firestorm universe, and to do that they wanted to bring the game to the surface. Thus, they’ve introduced Firestorm Planetfall. Planetfall is a tabletop miniatures game following the same fast-paced combat of Firestorm Armada, and it’s set in the same galaxy. Instead of fighting in space with giant fleets of ships, however, you’ll instead be playing on a planet’s surface using tanks, aircraft, and giant mech-walkers. These vehicles are equipped with lasers, rail guns, armored hulls, and tons of other cyber-warfare weapons.

Spartan Games has released more information on the game, including new faction pages that explain what each of the game’s factions – which are directly pulled from Firestorm Armada – plans, tactics, and motivations are. Planetfall puts you in the role of a Grand Commander as you strategize and maneuver your army on the battlefield. Battle Groups will consist of several Squads of 10mm scale miniatures, ranging from Behemoths to Infantry.

Like with Firestorm Armada, players will be able to combine units from different races into a Battle Group, as long as the race is within your main faction’s alliance. You’ll then experience the fast, fluid combat that the Firestorm universe is known for, right on the surface of a planet in the Firestorm Galaxy. The concept art for the Planetfall models looks incredible, and I can’t wait to see actual physical miniatures. Planetfall is coming next year, so now is the time to read up all you can on the game. Be sure to check out the official page for the game on the Spartan Games site to see the new information added!