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Helpers of Catan Come To Settlers

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If you’ve played the PC/Mac Catan games, you are probably already familiar with and have met some of the Helpers of Catan. Whether they are on your side or not, the Helpers are very powerful resources acquired by players to support their cause by increasing resource cards, or additional buildings, returning the Robber to the desert to open your territory, and more. Want to make Settlers of Catan more interesting? Then Catan Scenarios – Helpers of Catan is something you need in your game.

The Helpers of Catan benefit from being played by experienced Catan players, with 10 Helper cards in this first Scenario set. The Helpers of Catan has already been released in the German version back in 2010, but the English expansion will become available in 2013. Helpers of Catan can be best used with both the base game and Seafarers.

If you are a fan of the Star Trek Edition of Settlers of Catan, these may seem similar to the deck of support cards found within its box. You’d be correct, as the Helpers come skinned as crew members of the Enterprise, but their functions are the same as the Helpers featured in this expansion. I think that fans of Catan looking to step up the game will find these Helpers fun and useful. I hope to get my hands on a copy soon, as I’m curious if any of the Helpers are more powerful than the others. I suppose only time and strategy types will tell!