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New Dark Elves Models Available from Games Workshop

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Over the weekend Games Workshop released a new set of Dark Elves models for Warhammer Fantasy. These elves aren’t your normal beautiful loners that stick to the woods. No, these elves will sooner gut you than tell you not to wander astray in the somber marshes to your death. That’s what makes them cool, right?

The mysterious Shadowblade.

Five new kits are available, including the giant Kharibdyss, the Cauldron of Blood, the Shadowblade, and two new regiments – the Dreadspears and Witch Elves. Alongside these kits comes a hardback Army Book for the Dark Elves, which includes full-color miniatures galleries, a full army list, a bestiary, and of course, some background fluff detailing the history of the Dark Elf race. We all know that’s the reason why we pick up the Army Book.

The Kharibdyss is hungry!

That Kharibdyss looks mighty scary, and I am sure it hits like a Mack truck. Each of these kits are available now in your local Games Workshop store, though you can also pick them up online from the Games Workshop website. If you’re in need of some paint to compliment your new Dark Elves models, a paint collection is available right from the site as well. There’s everything you could need to tromp the countryside in the name of Khaine!