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Fantasy Flight Announces New Game Center, Grand Opening November 1st

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Fantasy Flight Games has their headquarters located in Roseville, MN. A lot of people know that Fantasy Flight is a leading publisher of some of the best board games ever known, but what some don’t know is that the company has a game event center where players can come in to enjoy gaming right at the heart of HQ. Tons of players have come by the game center to enjoy open gaming and tournaments, and Fantasy Flight has seen a lot of success come from the location.

The company has got some great news, however, regarding the game center. They will be opening a brand new event center located just one block from the current building, directly across from the FFG headquarters. This new building will support more players, as well as come with a lot of new amenities that the current event center does not include. The event center will have space for a full retail store that not only sells FFG games, but games by Games Workshop, Privateer Press, Wiz-Kids, Wizards of the Coast, and more.

Coming to the new event center is the Fantasy Flight Games Center Café. Fantasy Flight believes that you should be able to enjoy your games in the same space with high-quality food and drink, thus the café will be included for that reason. This café will have a full menu of freshly-made meals for gamers to enjoy, along with drinks and snacks to keep at the top of your game during tournaments and events. You don’t need to travel!

The new event space will seat comfortably more than 150 people, including flex seating available for even larger events. Tables in the new event center will be large enough for games of X-Wing, Warhammer 40,000, and tons of other games. There will even be hand-crafted terrain to play on!

Finally, the company will be expanding their hours, in order to meet the needs of larger groups of gamers. They’ll be open until midnight from Monday-Saturday, which is perfect for those late-night games. If you’re in the Minnesota area and want to check out the new Fantasy Flight event center, make sure you attend the grand opening on November 1st. It’ll be a sight to see!