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Video Review – Pandemic On the Brink and In the Lab

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The world was once safe, but now a new mutation is running rampant. A new virulent strain has evolved a once-known disease, and forcing it to run out of control. A citizen has been found to be a bioterrorist, spreading more of the virus throughout different cities across the world. All of this is happening while you’re in the lab sequencing, characterizing, and testing cures for these deadly viruses. Two great expansions have released for Pandemic, and while one is a reprint of an old favorite, the other is something brand new.

CLARIFICATIONS – I noticed some things I wanted to clarify once the video was edited and uploaded, so I will post them here.

  • Moving cubes – When you process a sample to move cubes to different dishes, you move either all of one color or one of each color to a different dish. All cubes in excess are returned to the supply.
  • Growth Dish – You don’t HAVE to move from the Growth Dish to the sequence card as I mentioned. You can move to the sequence card from the Centrifuge or the Separator as well. Also, when moving cubes to the Growth Dish, they are doubled. That’s important!
  • Testing a Cure – I mentioned that you can test a cure once the sequence card is full, but you only need to have one cube on the card to be able to test a cure.
  • Goal Cards – These cards are for the Solo game, but they work with the Team Challenge as well.

Sidenote: I know I left out some of the information on the single-player mode included with In the Lab. I’m planning on doing a separate video on that soon!

Thanks to Z-MAN Games for providing a copy of In the Lab for review!