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Reaper Miniatures Bones II Kickstarter Funded At Lightning Speed

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After the high success of the first Reaper Kickstarter, consumers demanded more. The plastic miniature figures introduced by Reaper Miniatures account for about a third of the products they sell now, and if you’re involved in the gaming world, you probably know at least one person who jumped on board with the rewards from the last project. So, they have brought their next campaign, Bones II, to Kickstarter, and it funded to its goal of $30,000 within 2 minutes.

Bones II is featuring a path through Bonesylvania, showing what rewards backers will unlock as the funding level rises. Reaper says that they’ve learned a lot from the first funding project, and with that they’ve changed some of the pledge levels. $100 gets you a base set of figures plus 24 bonus models, with many many more available to unlock and add to your pledge level. You can also pledge lower if you already took advantage of the previous Kickstarter and just want the option of adding new figures.

Just in the time I’ve been writing this piece, the number of packers and the pledges have skyrocketed, and I think that the Kickstarter can expect to see an overwhelming response just as the first one did. Bones II will end on October 26th, so you have plenty of time to get in on this project. I can testify that the Bones miniatures are solid and high quality, as I’ve painted one myself, and if you’re a fan of miniatures, you really ought to look into what is available so far and watch for what is coming!