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Geek and Sundry Launches Spellslingers Magic: the Gathering Webseries

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Wizards of the Coast, along with Felicia Day’s Geek and Sundry, has just announced a new webseries for Magic: the Gathering. The new series, titled “Spellslingers” sees Sean “Day[9]” Plott facing off against his geek friends in different matches of the popular trading card game. Unlike some other Magic: the Gathering videos out there, Spellslingers puts more focus on simply having fun through the matches rather than diving deep into the theory and rules of the game.

The first episode launched yesterday, and in it we see Sean go head-to-head with E-sports caster Rob Simpson. Sean and Rob have a friendly, yet strange history together, and they’ve been playing Magic for years. Wizards has revealed that upcoming guests on the show include Grant Imahara (I didn’t know he played Magic!), Bobak Ferdowski, and Miss Felicia Day herself. The show is set to highlight the latest cards for Magic, and helps players introduce their non-playing friends to the game.

I’ll admit, I thought at first the show was going to be cheesy, and it is, but not half as bad as I expected. Sean has a humor about him that makes the show interesting, and it’s great to see how their selected decks are played. Adding to that, the show has a great mechanic whereby the players don’t choose their decks, rather they spin a wheel and their decks are selected at random. Sean ends up playing an Orzhov deck while Rob gets dealt a Simic deck in this episode. You can see the decklists, and video, below. Enjoy!

Sean’s Orzhov Deck:

Main Deck

60 cards

4  Orzhov Guildgate
11  Plains
11  Swamp

26 lands

2  Basilica Guards
3  Basilica Screecher
1  Charging Griffin
2  Corpse Hauler
2  Dawnstrike Paladin
1  Dutiful Thrull
2  Kingpin’s Pet
2  Knight of Obligation
1  Sengir Vampire
2  Syndicate Enforcer
1  Tenacious Dead
2  Thrull Parasite
2  Tithe Drinker
1  Treasury Thrull
1  Vizkopa Guildmage

25 creatures

1  Aerial Maneuver
1  Debtor’s Pulpit
1  Doom Blade
1  Executioner’s Swing
1  Gift of Orzhova
1  Orzhov Keyrune
1  Purge the Profane
1  Sanguine Bond
1  Ultimate Price

9 other spells

Rob’s Simic Deck:

Main Deck

60 cards

11  Forest
11  Island
4  Simic Guildgate

26 lands

1  Air Servant
1  Battering Krasis
1  Beetleform Mage
1  Briarpack Alpha
2  Cloudfin Raptor
1  Crocanura
1  Drakewing Krasis
2  Elusive Krasis
1  Elvish Mystic
2  Experiment One
1  Frilled Oculus
1  Nephalia Seakite
1  Renegade Krasis
1  Rumbling Baloth
1  Sapphire Drake
2  Seacoast Drake
2  Shambleshark
1  Water Servant
1  Zameck Guildmage

24 creatures

1  Bred for the Hunt
1  Domestication
2  Frost Breath
1  Giant Growth
1  Hunt the Weak
1  Krasis Incubation
1  Mutant’s Prey
1  Spell Rupture
1  Time Ebb

10 other spells