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RPG Gaming Table Plans On Kickstarter

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Many gaming tables have been produced and marketed in our nook of society, and each type serves different groups of gamers. One man set out to make an affordable gaming table that sits on top of any standard dining or coffee table to organize your RPG night. Seating up to 7 players and a large side for the GM/DM, each person gets their own cubby that can be lighted for their papers, dice, drinks, and whatever else one might want access to during their game.

Funding this project enables Jim Barnes, the creator, to develop plans to build this table with the least amount of equipment and for the least amount of money, while still making a sturdy and durable project. The most recent goal that was unlocked includes the feature of a collapsible set of plans to store the table easily, as well as optional drawers. The hope is to make these tables as customizable as possible, but to give the plans for all features.

This project will end on October 4th, and by the looks of it will be well over-funded, but as each stretch goal is unlocked, more features are being added to the list of modifications that will be included in the plans. There are many pledge levels that include various takes on what you would receive by backing this project. With the amount that has been raised so far, its clear that this project has a lot of potential and has already interested more than 100 people. Check out the video and pledge levels at the Kickstarter page to see if this is something you’d like to get behind!