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Christina is a Christian, gamer. She enjoys playing a variety of tabletop games. Some of her favorite games are Myth, Sentinels of the Multiverse, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, MERCS Miniatures, and Lord of the Rings The Card Game.

Tide of Iron: Stalingrad Kickstarter Cancelled


Earlier we took some time to point out a special Kickstarter being run by 1A Games for a rebirth of the Tide of Iron wargame from Fantasy Flight Games. Things were looking good for the project, though unfortunately the Kickstarter has been cancelled today. However, this won’t be the end of the project since 1A Games will re-launch the Kickstarter with new reward levels. Here is what 1A Games had to say in regards to their cancellation:

1A Games’s motto is “We recognize and listen to our fans” – and we have been listening.

We need to fix some of the pledge prices, add new pledge levels, and hopefully find a way to lower the shipping costs to our overseas fans.

We cannot change pledge levels once a Kickstarter is launched, and trying to add new rewards and pledge levels while the Kickstarter is running just seems to be confusing people.

Therefore, we are canceling this Kickstarter.

It will be re-launched after we re-write the pledge levels, and after we preview the revised version – especially with everyone who gave us feedback.

Thanks for your patience, understanding, and support!

Looking through the comments on the Kickstarter page, players really let their thoughts be known through feedback. Some felt that buying the new Next Wave edition just to get the promos hurt owners of the original game. Others wanted to see more rewarding backer levels. All together, it was clear that players wanted to see some changes made, and that’s why 1A has made this decision.

It is unfortunate to see the Kickstarter end but it is great to see that 1A Games listens to their fans. The new Kickstarter launch date hasn’t been released yet but I know the fans of the series will greatly appreciate 1A Games making changes that will better fit their needs. We wish them luck with the next Kickstarter, and will be reaching out to them to get more information on what they’re planning.




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