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WarGamer Girl Launches Clockwork Tower and Obelisks Terrain Kickstarter

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We’re big fans of both WarmaHordes and homemade tabletop terrain, and when you combine both we get pretty excited. WarGamer Girl, a pretty awesome chick who enjoys both of these things with us, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for her own custom-made terrain. Modeled after what reminds us of the Convergence of Cyriss faction for Warmachine, WarGamer Girl is offering a Clockwork Tower and Obelisk set through the site, along with some Clockwork bases.

WarGamer Girl has commissioned plenty of terrain pieces in her time, so she’s decided to bring her work to Kickstarter for all those who want a piece for themselves. The backer levels are subtle, and include everything from 30mm Clockwork bases to a complete set of Obelisks and a Clockwork Tower. Luckily the campaign is more than well-funded, so we should be seeing some stretch goals appear soon, hopefully.

The pieces look really awesome, and I quite admire her work. I’d like to see some different pieces, and hope she’ll eventually work on them for different factions. Even at the smallest physical backer level, the Clockwork bases look great and they’d be perfect for Cyriss. If you’re into the Convergence faction, or if you just want some sweet terrain, check out the Kickstarter page and get in before time’s up!