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Tide of Iron: Stalingrad Expansion on Kickstarter

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Back in April we covered the licensing exchange between Fantasy Flight and 1A Games for Tide of Iron. 1A Games has been busy working on the next expansion for the Tide of Iron line called Stalingrad. The Stalingrad expansion for the World War II tactical board game introduces players to the unprecedented, vicious street fighting that came to symbolize the brutality of what the Soviet Union called its Great Patriotic War, and it’s currently on Kickstarter.

In order to play the Stalingrad expansion you must have the core game Tide of Iron. If you don’t have it currently, don’t worry. Through Kickstarter you can pick up Tide of Iron Next Wave. This is the core game that allows you to play all the expansions including Stalingrad. The Next Wave edition is the same as the original core game for the most part, except it is reprinted with new boards, plastic pieces, cards, optional rules, and quick start rules. Rest assured you can still play your original core Tide of Iron with the new Stalingrad as the Next Wave edition does not add new core rules. Also, all the Fantasy Flight expansions will work with Stalingrad as well. If you are interested in the quick start rules these will be available for download soon and a pledge level for a physical copy of the rules will be available via Kickstarter very soon too.

The Stalingrad expansion comes with a full Soviet infantry, the German StuG III E and Panzer III, the Soviet T-34/76 medium tank, and the Soviet T-70 light tank. This adds up to 90 plastic figures, bases, and vehicles!

It also includes 12 double-sided urban terrain map boards that show factories, debris-filled streets, major buildings, and even sewer covers that allow access and movement underneath the city ruins.

Eight new scenarios are also included. Small, introductory battles are available to help players to quickly learn the new Stalingrad rules, and four linked campaign scenarios.

This is a great-looking expansion for the successful game series Tide of Iron. If you have played Tide of Iron before, this expansion is a must have, and if you have never played, this is the Kickstarter that can help get you started. There are a variety of pledge levels to choose from, including a sweet deal to get just the Tide of Iron Next Wave edition to get you started in your World War II adventure. There will be more rewards and pledge levels added in the coming week or so and stretch goals will be announced as they get closer to funding. So be sure to check out the Tide of Iron Kickstarter page often.