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Wizards of the Coast Kicks off The Sundering Dungeons & Dragons Year-Long Event

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One thing that every Dungeons & Dragons player aspires to do is make their character’s story legend. From the moment you kick off character creation, you start to have high hopes for the character you’re bringing to life. Wizards of the Coast wants to help with this process, which is why they have officially announced The Sundering – a year-long event that will set this plan into motion.

The Sundering will offer fans the opportunity to impact the fate of the world by taking part in events covering tabletop RPG adventures, in-store play events, digital media (including the first free-to-play D&D mobile game), 6 different novels, digital reporting tools, comics, and much more. Once The Sundering is complete, the results of these events will have drastically changed the Forgotten Realms forever, and will help carve out the landscape for future D&D stories.

Milestones will be achieved in this extensive event at iconic locations in the D&D world such as Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter, and even Icewind Dale. The changes coming to the Forgotten Realms will be felt through a series of novels, in-store play experiences, and more like mentioned above. The Sundering has already been kicked off by the release of The Companions, a new novel from fabled writer R.A. Salvatore, which describes the events of The Sundering as they’re seen through the eyes of the legendary drow Drizzt Do’Urden.

Here’s a bit more about what The Sundering will entail, as detailed by Wizards of the Coast:

Play & Help Shape the Future

  • Tabletop roleplaying gamers can experience The Sundering first-hand at weekly D&D Encounters in-store play events, where they will utilize a digital tool, the Sundering Adventurer’s Chronicle, to report the outcomes of their play experiences, connect with other players, and participate in activities designed to enhance their Sundering experience.

Mobile Battles

  • Arena of War, the first free-to-play D&D game on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Android devices, is a thrilling 3D battle roleplaying game set in the Forgotten Realms. With modern mechanics like massive in-game events and multiplayer competitions, players are enlisted to battle in a modern-day fight against good and evil to help set the balance of power before the Sundering is complete.

Realms-Shattering Novels

  • The most celebrated Forgotten Realms authors have collaborated on a series of six novels: R.A. Salvatore (The Companions), Paul Kemp (The Godborn), Erin Evans (The Adversary), Troy Denning (The Sentinel), Richard Lee Byers (The Reaver) and Ed Greenwood (The Herald). Each novel tells a self-contained story featuring both new and well-loved characters set against the background of the unfolding events that are reshaping the world, beginning with the New York Times bestselling author R.A. Salvatore’s The Companions, The Sundering, Book I, releasing today – August 6th.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Wizards offers up with this event, and players will be able to interact with the D&D world now more than ever. You can find more information about The Sundering on the Dungeons & Dragons official website. Are you ready to shape the future of the Forgotten Realms?