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The RAM Restaurant and Brewery Hosting Warmachine Giveaway for Gen Con [Gen Con 2013]

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Here at the office, we’re all big fans of Warmachine and Hordes, the miniature wargame developed by Privateer Press. Whether you like busting up beasts with giant trolls or manhandling dudes with 10-ton steam-powered ‘jacks, both Warmachine and Hordes has enough excitement for everyone. Sharing in this love for all things epic, the RAM Restaurant and Brewery has long-held a partnership with Privateer Press that, once per year, transforms their establishment into a location ripe for wargame fans.

This year is no different, and to help celebrate the 10th anniversary of Warmachine, the RAM is hosting a special giveaway. Over on their Facebook page they’ve got a post where all you need to do is offer up your name and email address to be entered to win a limited edition t-shirt and special brewery tour! The shirt sports a steampunk lady, reminiscent of the new Convergence of Cyriss faction that released for the game this year. To me, she looks like a Clockwork Angel, minus the wings, and she’s loyally protecting the precious casks of RAM ale.

Of those who enter the giveaway, 10 will find themselves in receipt of one of this year’s t-shirts. One grand prize winner will get the brewery tour, which includes appetizers, beer tasting, and a guided tour of the RAM’s brewery. It doesn’t get much sweeter than this, folks. I’m most certainly hitting the RAM this year to check out their 10th Anniversary menu, and dine with fellow WarmaHordes players. If you’re a fan of the game, this is something you need to be a part of. Head on over to the RAM’s Facebook page to enter the giveaway, and make plans to check out the restaurant and brewery at this year’s Gen Con event!