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Bring Ambience to Your Tabletop RPGs with The Realmsound Project

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When I sit down to play a tabletop RPG, no matter if I am the GM or the player, I want immersion in my game. If I am the player I want to be brought into a world in which I can completely lose myself, and if I am the GM I want to create an instance where players can completely lose themselves in my world. In order to do this, specifically as the GM, I provide players with props/handouts, and sometimes I’ll play music or sounds to help pull them in.

The team from Orange County Gaming Group is made up of long-time tabletop gamers, and they’re also fans of RPGs. They’ve got the same ideas for immersing players in a truly wonderful fantasy world, so they’ve put together something they’re calling The Realmsound Project. This project, now posted on Kickstarter, comes to us from a loyal reader, Kyn.

The group is hoping to raise money to fund a campaign to help bring some amazing audio to everyone’s tabletop games. Here’s a snippet from the campaign:

Often using an OST from Lord of the Rings or other great movies just doesn’t quite set the particular setting that the GM is striving for.

It’s not easy finding a sorrowful howl of an undead or the ground shaking thunder of a charging orc hoard.

Trying to change your voice just a little bit or adding an accent to try to bring some life to those non-player characters gets tiring and falls a bit flat.

Everything changes now!

We are the Orange County Gaming Group and we are bringing tabletop gaming to the next level by composing a library of custom made, high quality music, voice overs, and sound effects, made by rockstar talent.  What we have sourced has been unbelievable and has transformed the way we game, but don’t take our word for it…..

The Kickstarter page hosts a few samples that the OCGG has already paid for, and the songs are amazing. Whether you’re looking for some ambiance for an underground Dwarven temple, sounds for a bustling marketplace, or some crazy Infernal language for a demon to spout at the heroes, The Realmsound Project has it all. The campaign still has nearly a month to go, and it’s just at around 10% of its goal. If you’re looking to take your tabletop RPGs to the next level, this is something you’ll definitely want to check out. There are great rewards for pledge levels, and you’ll get access to tons of audio loot to use!