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A Cheap and Effective Way to Build Asteroids for Your Space Miniatures Games

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If you’re one of many players who picked up Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures then you’ll know how much stuff the box comes packed with. There are ships, bases, cards, measurement templates, and chits of all types. The box even includes come asteroids for you to help add some scenery to the battlefield. They’re great if you don’t mind the chit board type of terrain, but if you want something more you’d have to search a while – or make it yourself.

It can be very rewarding when you create terrain for your favorite games yourself, especially when you’re a huge miniatures game player. Games like Firestorm Armada and DUST: Tactics definitely open up and benefit from terrain, and incorporating it can really change up your game. Blogger Nathan from build, paint, play has recently posted some tips on making terrain for your favorite space games right in the comfort of your own galaxy. Specifically he’s posted a guide on how to make your very own asteroids for use with your space miniatures games.

The asteroids Nathan created were for use with the X-Wing miniatures game, but once you’ve got them all worked out they can be used with other games as well, such as Firestorm Armada and even 5150: Star Navy. The to-get list isn’t hefty, and the costs aren’t dramatic. You’ll only need a few supplies and as long as you can work a drill and handle gluing pretty well you’ll be able to have your very own asteroids to display during games. You can paint them however you like, making for perfect set pieces to enhance your favorite games. If you’re interested in working on some terrain of your own, head on over to the blog post for a guide.