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Fantasy Flight Announces X-Wing Starfield Game Tile Kit

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When I picked up my copy of Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures I immediately set out to the craft store to make myself a map to play on. I grabbed a yard of black felt and picked up some white fabric paint. I measured, cut, and painted until I had a full star map that I could use whenever I needed to. I was proud of my work, and traveling was easy enough.

Still, some players want to have more of a Star Wars feel when playing, so many have set out to create their own Death Star maps. Those players can rejoice today, as Fantasy Flight has just announced the release of Starfield Game Tiles – special map tiles just for X-Wing Miniatures. The Game Tiles Kit will include 12 tiles that allow players to wage war above places like Alderaan and even the Death Star.

Here are some details about the Game Tile Kit:

  • Twelve tiles, each one-foot square
  • Durable 2.5 mm fiber board
  • Smooth, matte-finished card stock
  • Wide possible range of vivid Star Wars–themed scenes

The X-Wing Starfield Game tiles Kit will be available during the third quarter of this year, so you’ll still have plenty of time to get use out of your own home-made playmat. I know I’ll still use mine, but these new tiles look like they could work out well. I’d recommend possibly putting something over the tiles once they’re laid out – possibly a sheet of plastic perhaps – so that you won’t have issues with knocking the tiles all over the place while playing. Otherwise they look great and I can’t wait to battle it out over Alderaan!