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New Formula D Tracks Coming From Asmodee

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During conventions, like the WBC in Lancaster, Formula D fans got to see the exciting new Baltimore track. As reward for winning the Formula D tournament a champion would walk home with a print of the brand new map. Other players would have to stare in wonder to get a glimpse of the new track, but now Asmodee wants us to take a nice, long look at what lies ahead for Formula D, so they’ve posted images of the new tracks for all of us to see.

First up is Baltimore, the fabled tournament map that’s filled with trials and plenty of places in which to wreck your precious speedster. On this map the Pit is easy enough to get into, but it’s hard to determine the best place to stop inside so you don’t blow out part of your vehicle. Do you push to the limit in the next three curves, or do you take it slow while trying to make sure you finish the race? With the finish line right next to a couple of double-stop curves, you’ll need to be on your best game in order to walk away from this race a winner.

Up next is India. This track is set up to provide a more traditional feel than the other, though with that comes some tough decisions. You’ll really need to think before choosing which gear to use, because you’ll be playing it close to the chest on this track. Will you decide to kick it up into high gear to blow past your opponents in the curves, or slow down and stay level-headed while they crash and burn on the way?

Both of these new tracks will be available in the Formula D Pack #4, which is scheduled to release during the second quarter of this year. There’s no specific release or price point yet, but I imagine we’ll be seeing more about these tracks soon. Until their release, however, you do have plenty of time to study their courses, and this will give you an edge in races to come.