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The Future Belongs To Us Brings A Whole New World To The Tabletop

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On the lips of people from shore to shore are complaints about the government and the state of the world. What if we didn’t have it so bad? What if this is the good life? What if the advances of today will destroy tomorrow? These questions come to a head in the upcoming RPG release from Ataraxy Publishing called The Future Belongs To Us. The Future Belongs To Us sees a world that where the citizens have been stripped of all their rights and joined under a corrupt and abusive world government.

The scenarios in this new framework that gamers will have to explore are only limited by the imagination of the clever GM. With a world filled with a corrupt government, cruel gangs, pseudo-prophets, shadowy organizations and freedom fighters the possibilities of this vast world have no end. The weapons, places and unique features of this futuristic world are so vast and many that to list them all would take a lengthy effort. The way the characters are built are similar to many other RPG’s and sets you up for hours of gaming enjoyment. The Future Belongs To Us features a new and innovative set of game mechanics called the DiceLight system. One amazing element of this system is it gives each players the ability to choose how they want to defend against attacks. When attacked players can choose dodging, blocking, evasion, counter-moves, and even preemption to deal with attacks. The The more I read about the world that this fantastic little gem is set in the more I wanted to become a part of the vast tapestry that is possible within the game.

The game is going to have two variations of player guides set to be released. The Limited Edition player’s guide is set to be released on April 22nd and includes some extra goodies to go along with the guide. A beta test draft copy of the Game Master’s Guide is included with the Limited Edition for GMs to use while the actual Game Master’s Guide is still in development. The price set for this version is $49.99. They will also have a Standard Edition of the player’s guide to be released April 30th with a price of $29.99. They also have available character sheets to use to build and track your character. If you have nerves of steel and are brave enough to face the unknown then dive headlong into the world of The Future Belongs To Us.


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