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Zombicide Breaks Over $1 Million Pledged On Kickstarter

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It’s a great time for the folks over at CoolMiniOrNot. Their Zombicide: Season 2 Kickstarter campaign has finally reached over $1 million pledged to date. The project still has 18 days left to receive funding, and it’s very possible that the campaign will reach $1.5 million before they call the quits.

There’s no doubt that the campaign has been successful, and CoolMiniOrNot has been racing to update stretch goals as the days go by. Right now we’ve got tons of special miniature packs as well as extra campaigns up as stretch goals, and the developer has also added a bunch of optional add-ons that players can get by increasing their pledge. There’s plenty up for grabs here, folks.

I’d venture a guess that Zombicide won’t have any issue making it out to store shelves, though I don’t believe they’ll sit there for long. Figuring out your pledging on Kickstarter isn’t easy, and you really have to be choosy about where you pledge your money. There’s still plenty of time for you to slap down some cast on the Zombicide: Season 2 campaign, and it’ll be worth it considering all of the extras you’ll grab. The game is due to be delivered this September, however, so if you can’t pledge now you could always save your cash for when it hits retail. Either way, this campaign has met an outstanding achievement.