I’ve played plenty a paladin in my RPG day, and though they may seem snobby and too “righteous” with their beliefs they’re actually quite fun to play. Clerics are also plenty of fun, but what about the other classes? Shouldn’t some of the other playable classes have faith for the divine? Why can’t a druid, albeit all encompassed by nature, also be a champion of what’s good and just? With the new Player Companion, Champions of Purity, they can.

This new Companion will be available this coming April, and it will offer players a different way to play a paragon of righteousness. With this Companion players will find a host of new options specifically designed for good-aligned characters. Some of these include new fighting techniques, striking the balance between capture and execution, life-fostering druidic magic, the redemption inquisition, and morally-challenging alignment-changing alchemy.

Players can also learn more about some of the most important and famous do-gooders and true heroes of the time. The Champions of Purity Player Companion is available now for pre-order, with print for $12.99 and digital at $8.99. The PDF has a solid release date of April 24th, while the print version is listed as releasing just in April.