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Victory Point Token Punchboard Coming For Smash Up!

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Smash Up! is a really fun game that hasn’t really stumbled over any faults. It’s one of Kae’s Top Ten games of last year, and many other gamers agree with her choice, as do I. We’ve played the game many times, and throughout our plays there’s only been one issue we’ve ever had with the game – finding a way to keep track of Victory Points.

For most of the games we’ve simply used paper and pencil, though I know some others have used note apps on their phones or dice. It can be a bit of a nuisance sometimes, but luckily Alderac has come up with exactly what we need to get past this issue.

The developer posted a photo on their Facebook page today of a new Victory Point token punchboard that will be available for the game going forward. The first Smash Up! expansion will be upon us soon, and it will include a punchboard right in the box. On top of this, Alderac says that reprint copies of the base game will include the board as well.

Right now there aren’t any plans to release a punchboard on its own to players who already have the base Smash Up! game, which means that the only way for you to get one is to purchase the expansion (which many of you will do anyway, admit it). Despite not being able to get a board on its own, this is some good news. No more scratching on paper or losing dice!