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Munchkin Gameboard Back In Stock At Steve Jackson Games

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I do enjoy playing the Munchkin card game, and while I don’t have a ton of the expansions for it, there is one add-on that I know I’ll be picking up. That accessory is the Munchkin Gameboard, and Steve Jackson Games has just announced that it’s back in stock and ready to ship. The developer had been getting tons of requests for the board, and they finally can answer players’ call.

The Munchkin Gameboard is well-printed, and using it players can keep track of their levels much more easily than before. There are 10 spaces on the board representing character levels, space for both the Doors and Treasure decks, and even some space for your discard pile as well. This keeps everything in quick reach of the players and offers a much more organized approach to the game.

You can order your very own Munchkin Gameboard at the Warehouse 23 website for just $5, and I believe it’s worth every penny. In order to use the board to its fullest, however, you’ll need to pick up some Munckin Pawns. The pawns are made of tough plastic that make them sit straight on the board, and with them you can keep track of each player in the game. Of course it’s more accessories you’ll need to buy, but that’s what makes a game even more fun!