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Updated Gatecrash Guild Fan Kits Available From Wizards of the Coast

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I’ve said this before, and I’m going to say it again: Ravnica was my absolute favorite set in Magic: The Gathering. Now that we’re returning it’s giving me all sorts of warm feelings of playing back in the day when you’d use Pillory of the Sleepless on each of your opponent’s creatures and then Mortify/Putrefy the ones who made it through. Ah, those were the days, am I right?

In efforts to celebrate the Return to Ravnica set Wizards of the Coast released downloadable guild fan kits that include a whole mess of things that you can use to spruce up your computer and website/blog. These kits include hi-res art, wallpapers, textures, and logos.

While that’s not news on its own, Wizards has just announced that they’ve updated these kits in lieu of Gatecrash releasing very soon. In each guild’s kit you’ll now find:

  • The Gatecrash logo in eleven different languages
  • 200×200 pixel avatars of both Gideon, Champion of Justice and Domri Rade
  • Hi-res art of both Gideon and Domri Rade, with and without backgrounds
  • Gatecrash textures and streaks

The guild fan kits are pretty wicked, and I am finding it hard to choose just one. You can download them all if you want from the official fan kit page, which wouldn’t be a terrible idea. I’m looking forward to Gatecrash as I’m sure many other players are, and the days are counting down. Make sure you grab a fan kit and show off your guild pride!