Privateer Press Digital is set to launch with plenty of catalog options, including each of the Mk II Warmachine and HORDES books, Iron Kingdoms Core Rulebook, and every issue of No Quarter Magazine released since the Mk II ruleset for Warmachine was released. You can also grab digital copies of rules Privateer Press’ other games (like LEVEL 7 and Monsterpocalypse) as well as errata and tournament documents.

The digital app will be released for both iOS and Android devices and will be available during the first quarter of this year. This is a great way to de-clutter your baggage as well as take your rules with you on-the-go. This will also make getting erratas and revisions much quicker, as it eliminates the need for printing of any kind. Of course you could still keep the books around for nostalgia, but with the recent jump to the digital platform, this will surely make things much easier. You can find out more about Privateer Press Digital on its official site.